Our Mission

Our mission is to treat patients with dignity and respect while giving them the right tools in order to beat their addiction. Marion Recovery was established in 2014. Our Medically Assisted Treatment (M.A.T.) program uses buprenorphine products such as SuboxoneⓇ and ZubsolvⓇ. Our individual and group counseling uses evidence based treatment plans to treat patients who are dedicated to their recovery.

Medically Assisted Treatment

Our licensed professionals prescribe buprenorphine products such as Suboxone and Zubsolv for qualifying opioid dependent patients.

Behavioral Health Counseling

We offer case management, group and individual counseling services from our Chemical Dependency Assistants, Licensed Counselors, and Social Worker.

Alcohol and Drug Assessment

We provide AoD assessments for our patients and for those who are not a Marion Recovery patient. For court ordered AoD assessments please call 740-802-2412 to schedule and for pricing.